As you sleep

We regulate
your temperature

Sleeping in summer can become a “mission impossible” for many people.
Trust our technology and just worry about getting the rest you deserve.

Certified product 

Not too cold, not too hot, just the right temperature.

Our products

Themo-regulator pillow

Viscofresh pillow

Viscofresh Max Pillow

Thermo-regulator matress protector

Thermo-regulator quilted matress protector

Thermo-regulator pillowcase

3 layer cotton thermo-regulator matress protector

Yeti duvet

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      Do you know the Thermo-regulator range?

      Our solution 

      A feeling of coolness

      It absorbs temperature variations and creates a constant microclimate.

      Less sweat

      It reduces body overheating, leading to less sweating during the night.

      Quality of rest

      Improves the quality of your rest.

      OUTLAST Technology

      Developed by NASA to control temperature variations in space.


      Velfont® applies Outlast®  technology to cotton to achieve a unique, natural and technological product.

      Smart fabric

      It reacts to the body’s temperature, providing an individualised comfort zone for each user.

      Yes, you read that right. A technology for NASA 

      Outlast technology was originally developed by NASA to protect astronauts from extreme temperature variations during their trips into space


      Velfont® is now applying this technology for the confection of a complete and exclusive smart bedding range, able to self-regulate temperatures during rest hours.


      About the VELFONT® Thermo-regulator range 

      The items from the Velfont Thermo-regulator range apply the most advanced technology developed by NASA to cushion the temperature and humidity variations acting on our bodies during the different phases of our sleep and affecting our rest.

      This technology interacts with our organism to ensure a constant microclimate throughout the night. Not too cold, not too hot, just the right temperature, suited to the personal needs of each kind of rest.

      The printed mesh-like fabric distributes the particles applied by this technology more efficiently, interconnecting them with each other and thus intensifying the thermo-regulatory effect, making it more effective.

      The Thermo-regulator range provides deeper, higher quality and more effective rest, even during the summer months. This range includes the following items: fibre and visco-elastic pillows, fitted sheets, quilted mattress covers, pillowcases and mattress protectors.